No birds soars too high, if he soars with his own wings.


Governed by his ethics and values, we are committed to providing the highest quality of service coupled with the most skilled and knowledgeable manpower in order to ensure the timely completion of our projects and to meet the expectations of our clients.


To be recognized across the region as the most progressive construction management and contracting company.

To be a regional market leader in the construction and contracting industry through implementing intelligent systems and challenging the limits of construction speed and efficiency while maintaining the highest levels of quality and safety.


  • Construct the needed facilities to ensure a better lifestyle for the generations to come.
  • Consistency in our services: if you are pleased with our services today, we guarantee that you will be satisfied tomorrow and beyond.
  • Respect for human rights: in an attempt to align our vision with the state’s vision, we strive to preserve our employees’ human and professional rights.
  • Timeliness: we highly value time as a finite resource, therefore our projects and deliveries are amongst the timeliest on the market.
  • Respect for the local culture: Tashgeel - ISKAN is keen on preserving Qatar’s culture and reputation.

Our Culture

Our culture is based on hard work, dedication to our task, developing our human capital and ensuring sustainable growth.

Our Business Model

Our business model rests on the cornerstones of commitment, discipline, consistency and success. We understand the risks of our business, endeavor to mitigate them and adapt to the most difficult and challenging situations.

Our Services Quality

We are focused on full client satisfaction and our mission Is to deliver the best quality of services with the best value tor money.

Team Work

We believe that Team Work is a key driver to achieving our objectives and we try to enhance the team spirit in every possible way.


We value.


Our construction practices are environment­ friendly and we always endeavor to protect the environment.


Our reputation is our most important treasure. Honesty, integrity and transparency are fundamental ethics that govern our performance.


We aspire to seek excellence in everything we do and nurture our staff to adhere to our corporate values and to perform diligently to make each challenge an impressive reality.


Our employees are our greatest asset. We continuously develop their leadership skills to be the driving force in our organization, and we encourage their quest for innovation.

Safety and Health

The safety and health of our workforce are of paramount importance to us, and we spare no efforts to achieve highest standards in this respect.

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